Reboot Kit: How to Reopen Your Salon, Spa, or Wellness Business Post COVID-19 - MINDBODY business

You've been temporarily closed in the face of this pandemic, but now is the time to start thinking about what your plan is when you open once again. When reopening your salon, spa, or wellness business, you’ll have to adjust to a new normal for a while or indefinitely.

New normal aside, there’s no reason why your reopening shouldn’t be a GRAND reopening. Your clients are eager to get back to your salon, spa, or wellness business. They've missed out on your services (we know hair salons will see high demand as everyone is looking to get their hair done ASAP).

When it comes to opening once again, there may be a lot to get done—but it should be memorable and fun. You'll want to celebrate this new chapter in your beauty business, after all. Plus, this kit outlines everything you need to consider as you open your doors again.

Download our post-COVID-19 reboot kit to strategize for your grand reopening at your salon, spa, or wellness business.

From supporting your front desk and stylists/estheticians/practitioners to communicating your new cleaning protocols amidst the coronavirus, we’ll break down what you can be doing now and over the coming weeks to prepare to reopen. This includes:

  • Ways to bring your clients back in a safe way (e.g., prohibiting walk-ins, adding waitlists, updating hours and service offerings, etc.) to your salon, spa, or wellness business

  • Why you might want to update your pricing (a small coronavirus, or COVID-19, tax applied to all services is one option)

  • How to prepare your salon, spa, or wellness business's front desk for an influx of customers post coronavirus stay-at-home orders (Hint: Bowtie can help!)

  • Which automated email campaigns you should send to reiterate your modified offerings, how you plan to continually clean and disinfect your business, etc.)

  • Why you may need to rethink your retail section to keep your clients and staff members safe (e.g., direct shipping or keeping inventory in the back)

  • How to accommodate local, state, or federal requirements to ensure social distancing protocols among clients and staff when you reopen

  • When and how to update your website and other online profiles to announce your salon or spa's grand reopening

  • How to reengage your staff—stylists, estheticians, practitioners, and front desk included

  • How to reevaluate your check-in process to eliminate physical contact between your front desk and clients as they arrive for appointments and pay

  • What you should stock up on before reopening your salon, spa, or wellness business to keep your clients' health in mind (cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, face masks, etc.)

  • Why it's a good idea to plan for another potential closure (and reopening) at your salon, spa, or wellness business due to the coronavirus

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