How To Adjust Your Prices After COVID-19 -

As the country looks toward reopening, companies in all industries are having to reexamine what their business will look like post quarantine—and your salon business is no different. We know the world (and your salons or studios) will look and feel very different as we reenter this new normal. The effort that you will be taking to keep yourself and your customers safe is a huge undertaking in both your time and resources. The purchase of disinfectants, masks, extra towels, capes, gloves, face shields, phone sanitizers, contactless thermometers and more can be overwhelming.

On top of that, you are considering the fact that you’ll need more time in between guests to sanitize your studio, and without the opportunity to double book if that is what’s customary for your schedule, you may be looking at a decreased number of clients in a day. 

You might be thinking: Is now the right time to raise my prices? Should I be charging a COVID-19 fee? What will my customers think? While there is no one-size-fits-all answer here, and only you know what is best for your business and your clients, we laid out some pricing options to help you find one that feels best for your business, and ensure you're staying safe and profitable during this time. 

A Blanket Price Increase To All Services

Add anywhere from $1 - $10 dollars to each of your services. If asked, simply explain that the increase is due to the additional effort and cost it now takes for you to operate your business safely. Your clients are loyal, and they want to do what’s best to help you get through this time. A small increase on each service can amount to a large increase week-to-week to help you adjust to the financial burden you've had to bear. 

Remove Services That Aren’t As Profitable 

Did you offer children’s haircuts at a discounted price or fit in blowouts here and there where you could? This is a good time to consider the amount of time each service takes and know it's ok to cut out the ones that may not be as profitable anymore. Time in your studio is limited. Make sure you’re getting the most out of it while you’re there.

Revamp Your Menu To Bundle Services 

Decked out in full PPE, customers will be looking to get their services as quickly and efficiently as they can. If you typically offer services a la carte, it may be a good time to consider bundling the most common services together. As your menu will be completely new, now is the time to pad the pricing a bit in order to cover some of your new COVID-19-related expenses and give your customers more value. 

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